After a frightening fall from his nest high up on a ledge of the Rhodes Tower in downtown Columbus, Packard, a peregrine falcon chick, sets off to find his way back home.  

Follow Packard as he visits many of the wonderful sights in Ohio’s capital city including the Center of Science and Industry, the Franklin Park Conservatory and the North Market.  Finally arriving at the Statehouse, he can see his nest, and even his mom, but how will he reach them?

Packard Takes Flight is the first children's picture book written about Ohio's state capital. It is based on the true story of peregrine falcons nesting on the Rhodes Tower in downtown Columbus. The book is engaging for children, yet filled with information about the city's history and the wonderful sights and cultural amenities around Columbus. In the back, there are facts about peregrines falcons, a map of downtown Columbus and contact information for all the sights mentioned in the book. You'll want to run right out and explore our city just like Packard.  Enjoy!

Hardcover - 32 Full-Color Pages

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