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School Programs

School visits featuring Susan Levine, author of Packard Takes Flight and Harriett's Homecoming, are great for any elementary grade. They are especially appropriate for students who are conducting hometown or state studies about Ohio.  Most programs last 75 minutes and include an assembly followed by small break-out groups for a more personal experience.  

The assembly starts with a short presentation on the six key steps Susan used to write the books, the obstacles she faced and how she overcame them.   This is followed by an eye-opening segment on how books are printed and assembled.   Finally, a naturalist brings out a live peregrine falcon and explains it's  amazing features.  

The break-out groups may include:

  • A grab-bag game that highlights historical facts about the landmarks that Packard and Harriett visit on their adventures.
  • A close-up look at how the illustrations were researched, painted and scanned into the book.
  • A behind-the-scenes look at how the falcons downtown are monitored, rehabilitated and banded.

    Library Programs:

    Library programs, featuring Susan Levine author of Packard Takes Flight and Harriett's Homecoming, are great for all elementary age children and can be modeled similar to the school programs described above.  

    In addition, Susan can present programs for adults including:

    The Packard or Harriett "Staycation" -   A perfect program leading up to spring break or summer, Susan Levine shares ideas for planning a family vacation in Columbus or Cincinnati that is fun and educational for kids and adults alike. Discover all your hometown has to offer!

    You Can Write A Children's Picture Book Too! - First-time author, Susan Levine, shares how she took her idea from concept to a finished book published by the History Press. She will tell how she overcame numerous obstacles, give you tips for success, and inspire you to pick up your pencil and start writing!